Music Facilities

Shoreline Studios

The Shoreline Community College Music Department maintains state-of-the-art facilities that are available to music students and faculty alike, all located in the idyllic setting of SCC's picturesque campus, just 10 miles north of downtown Seattle.

The music building houses up-to-date analog & digital recording facilities, choir and band rehearsal rooms, individual practice rooms, two computer labs with the latest MIDI and digital audio software and hardware, and a new twenty seat digital piano laboratory.

Below is a detailed list of the department's facilities:

Rehearsal, Teaching, Practice, and Recital Rooms

  • Room 806: Music Theory, Small Ensemble Rehearsal, Studio E, Kawai grand piano
  • Room 814: 18 seat Piano Lab
  • Room 815: Music Theory, Small Ensemble Rehearsal, Studio F, Samick grand piano
  • Room 816: Piano Studio, 2 Kawai grand pianos
  • Room 817: Piano Studio, 2 Yamaha grand pianos
  • Room 818: Music Theory, Recording, Rehearsal and Recital Room, Yamaha grand piano
  • Room 820: 20 seat Roland Piano Lab / Computer Lab, Recording Booths, Kawai grand piano
  • Room 858: Computer Lab, Small Ensemble Rehearsal Room, Upright Piano
  • Room 859: Jazz Improvisation Rehearsal Room
  • Room 860: Small Ensemble Rehearsal Room, Upright Piano
  • Rooms 801 - 805: Private Practice & Tutoring Rooms

Digital Audio / MIDI Labs

  • Room 820 (24 workstations): Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton, NI Komplete, Yamaha Electric Piano
  • Room 858 (16 workstations): Logic Pro, Ableton, NI Komplete, Alesis V25...

Recording Studios

  • Studio A: Pro Tools HDX, Audient 8024 HE, Alesis HD24...
  • Studio B: Pro Tools HDX, Sony MXP 3036, Alesis HD 24...
  • Studio C: Pro Tools HDX, Avid S3, Pro Tools DOCK, BlackMagic Video...
  • Studio D: Pro Tools HDX, Avid S6, BlackMagic Video, Surround Capable...
  • Studio E: Mackie 24.8, Alesis HD 24, Pro Tools...
  • Studio F: TOFT ATB, Pro Tools, MOTU HD192...
  • Studio M: Pro Tools, Ableton, Access Virus TI, Yamaha S90, Podcast...