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Most tutoring takes place online. To see tutor schedules and make appointments, log in to Starfish, scroll down to Your Services, and click on the Student Learning Center. You will now see the Student Learning Center profile. The Team Members section displays all tutors who can help with any of your current classes. For more information about accessing tutoring, visit the Tutoring Services page.

This is an online tutoring resource for MATH 060 through MATH 264. Students can get individual assistance on a drop-in basis from qualified tutors devoted to your success.

Our tutors work with students one problem at a time, involving students in the learning process to promote increased understanding of the concepts and independent problem-solving skills. When students are not working with tutors, they can use the space to work on their math coursework individually or in groups.

Please Note: Math tutors do not provide instruction to replace missed classes; consult your syllabus or instructor if you miss a class.

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