University Transfer Guarantees & Pathways

Shoreline has partnerships with many universities across the United States. These partnerships make the transfer process very clear and simple! These universities will guarantee admission for international students who transfer from Shoreline Community College after earning the Associate's degree and meeting specific admission criteria:*

After you have been admitted to Shoreline, you can request to receive a letter of conditional guaranteed transfer admission to one of the above schools. If you are interested, please send us an email at Please choose only one university.

Be sure that the university you choose has the major that interests you – each university offers their own unique set of academic programs. You will find a link to the school's list of majors on the information page about the school (just click on the school's name, above.)

* Please note:
1. Shoreline Community College graduates have transferred to many other top universities across the country that are not on this list.

2. You will not be required to transfer to the university that offers you conditional guaranteed transfer admission. When you are ready to transfer, you can choose to transfer to any university to which you are admitted.

3. List is subject to change.

Locate our University Partners

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