Policies, Procedures and Laws

The college complies with the requirements of Title IX through the following policies and procedures:

For more information about Title IX here are some resources for learning more about Title IX rights and responsibilities:

How to report a complaint or concern

You may contact the Title IX coordinator or a deputy coordinator to discuss any issue or concern regarding sex equity, harassment, or other forms of discrimination.  Formal complaints should be made following the steps below:

  1. You may make a complaint verbally or in writing to the Title IX Coordinator or any Title IX Deputy Coordinator.
  2. You may use the attached Complaint Form to make a written complaint, but are not required to do so.
  3. The College cannot guarantee confidentiality, but will make reasonable efforts to protect your privacy upon receipt of a complaint or report involving your civil rights, including Title IX rights.
  4. Upon receipt, the College will investigate the complaint or report promptly. Investigations are normally completed within sixty (60) calendar days, the reporting and responding parties are notified in writing during and after conclusion of an investigation.
  5. You may discuss any questions or concerns about this procedure privately with the College’s Title IX Coordinator or any Title IX Deputy Coordinator.

    Separate from the complaint process, students may discuss any issue or concern confidentially with a Shoreline Community College Counselor who is a Licensed Mental Health Care professional. If you wish to meet with a counselor, please contact Counseling Services.

What happens after a report or complaint is made? 

How the college addresses a complaint is described in the Title IX Grievance Procedure document.

How to appeal a complaint that is made against you?

If a complaint is made about you, a college administrator will contact you and the complaint will be investigated. Your right of appeal is described in the Title IX Grievance Procedure document.