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The Science Division seeks to inspire an attitude of discovery, critical thinking, lifelong learning, and inquiry in the science, math, and technological fields. The Division believes that a broad array of transfer and technical courses are necessary to serve the diverse requirements of the community. It continues to explore, develop, and modify programs and courses to help students develop skills, take ownership of scientific concepts, and build a foundation on which to make lifelong decisions and contributions relating to careers and as members of the community.

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Boldly Going Where You've Never Gone

 Science Professor Stephanie Diemel talks with student Monica Yu.


Transfer Programs

Professional Technical Programs

Science Summer Camps 2018

Camp Name Audience 2018 Dates

Project Biotech Week 1: Biotechnology
Essentials & Beyond

Grades 9-10 June 25-29
Project Biotech Week 2: Biotechnology
& Infectious Disease: Tracking Pandemic Flu
Grades 11-12
or camp alumni
July 9-13
Project Biotech Week 3: Biotechnology
& Cancer: Causes, Cures, Careers
Grades 11-12
or camp alumni
July 23-27
Forensics Science Summer Camp 1 Grades 7-9 TBA
Forensics Science Summer Camp 2 Grades 7-9 TBA
Washington STEM Educator Solar Institute Middle or high school
teachers in STEM or
career/technical training
July 10-12


As a student at SCC, you will have the opportunity to interact directly with our outstanding, award-winning faculty who are interested in your education goals. Our faculty are also your advisors and are available to answer your questions. Click on the department/program name at left for more details of each program and faculty contact information.



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*Shoreline Community College is considering a sole source purchase of the Leica EZ4 Dissecting Microscope and Accessories.