If you’re just looking to take some classes, you can do that here at Shoreline Community College. With hundreds of courses offered each quarter at flexible times, you can easily:

  • Explore a new subject
  • Complete a prerequisite course that transfers to another college or university
  • Get a head start on a degree or certificate program while you take a break from full-time school or work
  • Take a gap year


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Fall Quarter 2021

New Student Registration Begins: June 1

Continuing Student Registration Begins: May 24 - May 28

Last Day to Register: October 5 at 10pm PST

Winter Quarter 2022

New Student Registration Begins: November 22

Continuing Student Registration Begins: November 15 - 19

Last Day to Register: January 14 at 10pm PST

Transfer courses to another school

Many students enrolled at other colleges and universities prefer to take some of their required courses at Shoreline to save time and money, and the credits count the same toward their degrees. Some popular general education transfer courses include: math, English, science, humanities, or other general education transfer requirements that will transfer to other colleges and universities.

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