Features & Highlights

  • Easy transfer: articulation agreements with most Washington State four-year colleges
  • Supportive learning: students fulfill the majority of their chosen major's math and science requirements in small, supportive class environments with faculty expert attention 
  • Scholarships: program-specific funding available through the Foundation
  • Honors College eligible: students can apply to the Honors College for advanced classes, research opportunities, leadership experience, additional transfer support, and community connections

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the use of scientific observation and experimentation to explain aspects of the natural world.
  • Apply fundamental concepts of a scientific discipline to make reasonable predictions about the natural world.

In addition to the outcomes above, students will gain the skills and knowledge included in Shoreline Student Learning Outcomes (SSLOs): Communication, Critical Thinking, Equity & Social Justice, Information Literacy, and Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning.

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Physical Sciences Transfer