Phlebotomy Certificate


Learn the essentials of drawing blood, including blood collection equipment, safety and infection control, and specimen processing in two quarters to prepare for work as a phlebotomist.
Completion Award
Certificate of Completion
Length of Study
13 Credits
Starting Quarter
Fall, Spring
On Campus

  • Understand the role of the phlebotomist in health care settings
  • Safely collect, process and store blood samples
  • Communicate and work effectively with a culturally diverse population

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Upon completion of the Phlebotomy program, students should have the knowledge and skills to work as Phlebotomists in a variety of health care settings. With a shortage of phlebotomists in the area, job prospects in the Puget Sound region are excellent. Salaries typically range from $10 to $14 per hour.

Potential employers include: Hospitals, medical clinics, blood banks, doctor's offices and medical laboratories. For more, please visit career information and resources at

Estimated Tuition & Fees

(does not include additional program or course fees, books, or supply costs)

Per Quarter
WA-Resident Non-WA resident,
US citizen, &
Eligible non-citizen

On Campus
Non-WA resident
Non-US citizen¹
Non-WA resident, US citizen
Online Only
1 credit $150.18 $246.87 $337.97 $166.09
5 credits $658.90 $1,142.35 $1,597.85 $738.45
12 credits (full-time) $1,418.96 $2,393.98 $3,312.20 $1,579.76
15 credits $1,592.00 $2,579.20 $3,508.25 $1,755.35

¹ Includes all International Students, both on campus and overseas online

Additional Program Fees
Approximately $1000 per quarter

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