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One of the unique features of the Visual Arts Center is the integration of our academic courses and technical training courses. We offer many options and it’s hard to choose just one. We know that taking one course can move you along in another direction. That’s okay. Our programs have broad foundation coursework that transfer among our many degree and program options. You may find that the breadth of coursework allows you to change your direction without losing ground. Be sure to check in with a faculty advisor within your first quarter so we can get to know you as soon as possible.


There are no prerequisites required before you can begin taking courses in art, art history and visual communications. However, we strongly encourage English 099 or EAP 099 and Math 070, or appropriate placement for English and Math if you are pursuing a 2-year degree. 

Students wishing to transfer credits into Shoreline should meet with faculty advisors

Students wishing to eventually transfer on to a four-year school should meet with faculty advisors to fulfill general education and distribution requirements. 

Planning Your Courses

For students in the VCT degree program, a 2.0 GPA is required for VCT and ART courses; students may seek to obtain faculty waivers, or, will repeat courses for which their grade is below 2.0.

Most foundational Art and VCT courses are offered every Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters. Summer quarter is a good time to take general education or the new specialization courses for advanced study. 

Advanced or specialized courses are carefully planned out over a two-year cycle. If you find you might be out of sync, please see an advisor regarding substitutions or waivers for your degree or program.  

You may download the planning sheets for specific Degrees and Certificate programs to see what classes are required for completion. 

Check out Shoreline Community College's annual schedule of classes to see general listings.

Current Students

Current student information such as Enrollment Services, Online Services, Academic Resources and Student Life and Support is available on the Shoreline current student page.