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Campus Immigration Resources

Every Shoreline student, staff, and faculty member should be confident that the College is steadfast in our commitment to being a welcoming and inclusive place for all students. We are committed to upholding and maintaining a supportive and respectful learning environment for everyone. As stated in our Community Standard, Shoreline does not tolerate hateful, violent, or discriminatory actions that target any person or group based on their beliefs, customs, identities, or affiliations. We at Shoreline Community College are unwavering in our dedication to maintaining an open and supportive place of learning.  

  • HB 1079 – Undocumented Residents / Lea la página en español
    Provides information, resources and answers to frequently asked questions related to undocumented student eligibility for College attendance. Website also available in Spanish.
  • Multicultural Center
    A student center focused on engaging the entire campus to create a climate of inclusion, equity, and access.
  • Student Counseling Center
    Provides enrolled student access to free and confidential personal, career, educational, and crisis counseling, as well as referrals to community resources.
  • Employee Counseling Services
    Free counseling and referrals for employees of the College through the Washington State Employee Assistance Program. Participation is voluntary and confidential.

Employee Guidelines for Responding to Immigration Inquiries

Shoreline Community College DACA Statement

Students should be reassured that they can safely participate in a college education at Shoreline without the College collecting or sharing immigration information in situations not required by law. If anyone is approached by a federal enforcement agent, please immediately contact the President’s Office at (206) 546.4552 or come to the Administration Building 1000.

To ensure clarity across campus, please review the following informational items:

  • We do not share immigration information with federal enforcement agents unless required to do so by law, which will usually involve a lawful subpoena or warrant.
      • To ensure appropriate response, the College consults with legal counsel in response to all immigration-related subpoenas and/or warrants.
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents need a valid warrant to enter non-public areas such as classrooms, offices, and areas that are only for students/staff.
      • In all cases where ICE is seeking access to non-public areas of campus, college officials can ask to see a warrant. Valid warrants will:
          • Be signed by a judge
          • Properly identify the agency with the authority to search
          • Correctly identify the search location
          • Include the correct date which has not expired
  • We do not collect immigration information from students for the purpose of assisting immigration officials.
      • Inquiries related to immigration status, place of birth, or citizenship, are prohibited except where required by law.
  • Campus Safety & Security will not request such information or ask questions to students regarding immigration status or citizenship.

Questions regarding this information can be directed to your Executive Team member at any time or call the President’s Office at (206) 546-4552.

Community Immigration Resources