High School Programs

 NEW: Running Start FTE and Tuition Policies

  • New legislature limits state reimbursement for a Running Start (RS) student to a maximum of 1.2 FTE's between the high school and the college.  If a running start student takes 1 high school hour, they can take up to 15 college credits; 2 high school hours, they can take up to 12 college credits; 3 high school hours, they can take up to 9 college credits; 4 high school hours, they can take up to 5 college credits; and 5 high school hours, they can take up to 3 college credits. 
  • Running Start students are responsible to pay full tuition for any course credits that exceed the 1.2 FTE. 
  • All courses taken at the Shoreline Community College must be approved by the high school counselor.
  • Running Start students must pay tuition (up-to-10%) and fees.  If they qualify for free or reduced lunch, their tuition and fees will be waived upon providing the verification form to the RS Office.

High School Programs are offered to those students of high school age who wish to earn college credit while still attending high school or who desire a non-traditional high school education.  Following are the programs offered by SCC to our high-school aged students.


High School Completion

Shoreline has a high school completion program for U.S. residents and for international students. These programs can help you earn a high school diploma.  If you are an adult age 18 or older, you may be able to earn a high school diploma from the college. If you area full time high school student you may be eligible to earn a high school diploma from your high school by attending classes at the college and transferring the credits to your high school.


Running Start

Public school juniors and seniors can earn tuition-free college credit while finishing high school. Classes are held on the SCC main campus in Shoreline. Running Start is offered September through June. The Running Start web site will give you more information on how to apply and what to expect.


Career Education Options (CEO)

CEO is designed for you if you are 16-20 years old and do not have a high school diploma, but want to pursue education and job skills. CEO is dedicated to giving high school dropouts a second chance at their education and provides students with the tools needed to succeed in the college environment. Go to the CEO web site which will have information on how to apply.


Learning Center North (LCN)

Learning Center North serves youth ages 16 to 21, who have not completed high school but want to earn their GED and go onto college, technical training and/or employment. Our program is provided free of charge. LCN students are also Shoreline Community College student, earning college credits.