Emergency Closure & Class Cancellation

To report an emergency, follow the Safety and Security Emergency Reporting instructions.

Severe weather or other emergency conditions may warrant closing the College campus. In such cases, on-campus classes and online classes may also be impacted. The SCC president or his/her designee makes the decision to close campus and/or cancel classes only after serious consideration of many different factors.


Inclement weather and other emergency conditions may result in two types of closures. They are:

1) Campus is closed    


The College uses a notification system to deliver messages by e-mail, text message, voicemail and social media.

Notices are posted on the College Web site at www.shoreline.edu.

Notices are sent to media outlets by postings at www.flashalert.net.

Voicemail notices are posted at the main College phone number, 206-546-4101.

  • Students/public
    • All College-related and other activities on campus are cancelled
    • On-campus class meetings are cancelled.
      • Classes will continue online as indicated in each course syllabus.
    • Students should not come to campus for classes or other College-related activities.
  • Employees
    • College employees should not report to campus for work other than those specifically designated to report.

2) Classes are cancelled

  • All classes are cancelled; both on-campus and online.


In all cases, notice will be made as soon as feasible. However, given the nature of area weather and other emergency situations, the desired forewarning period may not always be possible.

  • When inclement weather or other emergency conditions occur overnight, notification will be available by 5 a.m. when possible. Campus closure options may include:
    • Campus is closed for day and evening operations.
    • Campus will close early (for example, evening operations, 3 p.m. notification).
    • Campus will open late (for example, 10 a.m.).
    • When inclement weather or other emergency conditions occur during a school day, students and employees will be notified as soon as feasible.


Learn more about suspended operations for employees on the HR Intranet page.