Biomanufacturing Training Program for High School Students

Kick-Start a Career in Biotechnology – While You’re in High School!

Are you a rising junior or rising senior passionate about science and interested in launching a career in STEM? Our Biomanufacturing Training Program for High School Students offers hands-on training in biomanufacturing, a rapidly growing and exciting field that utilizes cutting-edge science to provide therapeutics for disease treatment. This program will provide you the unique experience of performing lab work at an industry site and interacting with industry mentors from leading biopharmaceutical companies in the Seattle area.

Program Highlights

  • Hands-on training at a biomanufacturing industry site
  • Gain marketable skills relevant to a career in the rapidly growing biotech industry
  • Earn the Basics of Biomanufacturing Certificate through Shoreline Community College
  • Network with biomanufacturing companies in the Seattle area, including opportunities like mentorship with an industry expert, panel discussions, facility tours, and/or scholarship opportunities
  • Earn 9 college credits with free tuition through Running Start
  • Enhance career readiness & employability skills
  • No prior biotech experience required
  • Fulfill high school science credit
  • Interact with a community of individuals passionate about science
  • Combine theoretical learning with lab experiments to learn techniques such as bioreactor operation, bacterial transformation, chromatography, electrophoresis, CRISPR gene editing, and more
  • Continue your training with experts at Fred Hutch Cancer Center through the Fred Hutch SCC Lab Tech Certificate

I've never been in a more welcoming environment for learning and for questions. I've got to work closely with peers, our amazing professor, and even mentors who are employees at AGC [a local biomanufacturing company]. Lab days are always the highlight of my week!

Freja L. Krantz
2021-2022 cohort

This program is by far my favorite part of the week. The environment is so friendly and to have that paired with topics that we can physically prove in a lab is just amazing. As someone who wants to go into the industry for a career, it's an opportunity that I am so thankful for.

Abel Felise
2021-2022 cohort

[This] program has enriched my life in ways I had never considered, broadening my understanding of the field of biotechnology and biomanufacturing and allowing me to thrive in my other academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Asha Viswanathan
2021-2022 cohort

Program Structure & Location

  • The structure is a hands-on classroom. We meet twice per week for laboratory instruction, where you will get to perform experiments and work with equipment. There are also assignments and assessments, often completed online, which are designed to supplement the laboratory instruction.
  • The program begins in Fall quarter (late September) and continues through Spring quarter (ending mid-June). You will enroll in BIOL 111 (Fall quarter), BIOL 112 (Winter quarter), and BIOL 113 (Spring quarter) at Shoreline Community College.
  • Classes and laboratory are held in person twice per week after school hours so you can attend your normal high school classes and still participate in our program.

What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn about the entire biomanufacturing process, the regulations that govern biopharmaceuticals, and the lab skills required to make a biologic at a small scale.
  • You will also participate in career preparation activities to help prepare you for a job in biotechnology.

Who Should Apply?

  • Students excited about science and who enjoy learning in a hands-on environment! We’re looking for those who contribute passion and diversity.
  • Students who will be a junior or senior during the program and have taken a biology and/or chemistry course
  • Students willing to participate in the entire program (Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters)
  • No prior biotech experience required
  • Students who may not be interested in attending a 4-year university after graduation

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