General Education Outcomes


The General Education Curriculum at Shoreline Community College is built on a unique set of outcomes, designed to provide our students with the skills, knowledge and awareness they will need to make informed decisions, lead healthy and productive lives, and contribute to the global community as lifelong learners. Through various experiences in many different courses, students learn to place their personal knowledge in a wider framework, to expand their understanding of themselves and others, and to integrate their learning across traditional subject boundaries. The curriculum emphasizes strong skills in communication and analytic thought, as well as broad knowledge in the major areas of human learning: science, social science, arts and humanities. A complete list of approved general education core requirements is available here.


These General Education outcomes are broad statements of what students should ideally be able to do after completing Shoreline's Associate in Arts and Sciences or Associate in Science degree. The College is committed to providing each student with the opportunity to attain these outcomes; however, individual attainment within and among the outcome areas will vary according to each student's ability, readiness and level of commitment. The outcomes are also integrated as appropriate within the degrees and certificates offered through each of the professional/technical programs.

The Outcomes

Quantitative Reasoning Information Literacy
Communication General Intellectual Abilities
Multicultural Understanding Global Awareness