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Policies & Procedures

Shoreline Community College policies and procedures provide the College community with a written expression of the College’s perspective on governance and context for decision making. Shoreline Community College follows a prescribed policy development process for establishing both College and Board Policies which allows for proposals to be vetted by College leadership and the College community prior to implementation.

Notice of Proposed Rule Repeals:

Chapter 132G-160 Admissions & Registration Procedures
Related Documents: Proposed Rule-Making (CR-102) and OTS 9250.1

Public Hearing: May 11, 2018 @ 10am in the PUB Quiet Dining Room

Chapter 132G-300-010 Grievance Procedures, Title IX
Related Documents: Proposed Rule-Making (CR-102) and OTS 9194.1

Public Hearing: May 11, 2018 @ 2pm in the PUB Quiet Dining Room

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Policy Definition

Policies are written expressions of the College's philosophy, authorized by the Board of Trustees to provide direction to employees and other members of the community in conducting College affairs.


Procedure Definition

Procedures describe specific actions to be taken to conform with established College policies.

Guidelines Definition

Guidelines provide a department level framework for the implementation of a procedure in compliance with College policy.

Students  5000

Number Policy Procedure
5001 Student Government Policy  
5010 College Mascot Policy  
5015 Admissions Requirements - Foreign Students Policy  
5020 Attendance Requirements Policy Attendance Requirements Procedure
5030 Student Conduct Policy Student Conduct Hearing Procedure
5031 Loss of Eligibility - Student Athletic Participation Policy  
5035 Student Grievances - Academic Evaluation Policy Student Grievances - Academic Evaluation Procedure
5040 Student Records Policy  
5050 Official Student Email Communication Policy  
5090 Student Housing Policy  
5114 Reasonable Accomodations for Students with Disabilities Policy  
5120 Final Examinations Policy  
5164 Prior Learning Assessment Policy Prior Learning Assessment Procedure
5165 Faculty Advisement Policy  
5200 Procedures for Adminstration of Student Activities Policy  
5215 Appearance & Dress Policy  
5222 Student Club Advisors Policy  
5225 Collections Policy  
5226 Fund Generating Events Policy  
5240 Presentation of Media Policy  
5241 Board of Publications Policy  
5255 Off-Campus Student Invited Speakers  
5265 Distribution of Materials, Off-Campus & Non-Students Policy Distribution of Materials, Off-Campus Organizations & Non-Students Procedure
5271 Intellectual Freedom Policy Intellectual Freedom Procedure
5280 Intercollegiate Athletics & Performing Arts Financial Aid Policy  
5326 Drugs Policy  
5327 Smoking Policy  
5328 Substance Abuse & STDs Policy  
5329 Use of Human Subjects Policy  
5330 Safety & Security Policy  
5340 Student Accident Insurance Policy  
5352 Employer Recruiting on Campus Policy  
5353 General Tuition & Fee Waivers Policy General Tuition & Fee Waivers Procedure