Once You're Accepted

Once you have been accepted by Shoreline, you will need to apply for your visa and make the other necessary arrangements to prepare for your arrival. Whether you are currently a student outside the U.S., or a student in the U.S., Shoreline's staff are here to help you with each step along the way.


One important decision you will make is where to live during your time at Shoreline. Like most community colleges, Shoreline does not have dormitories. However, we can provide information to help you with housing.


At Shoreline, we make sure that all new students are connected to the campus community as soon as possible. You are required to arrive at least seven days before classes begin to attend a five-day International Student Orientation Program  known as “ISOP”. For more information about ISOP, please click here.


Medical Insurance
As an international student at Shoreline Community College, you are required to have medical insurance during your studies. You may purchase medical insurance in your home country before departure or purchase insurance through the college. For more information about Medical Insurance requirement at Shoreline, please visit
click here.


This is a fee that F-1 and M-1 students who have received an I-20 need to pay before they can apply for a visa or enter the U.S. Please note that the SEVIS fee is a government fee and not a school or visa fee.