Rentals:  Rules and Regulations

Upon signing a Shoreline Community College Facility Rental Contract for use of College Facilities, Shoreline Community College, referred to as the "College" and "Facility User" shall agree to the following policies. The "Facility User" shall include, but not be limited to, all outside community organizations, individuals, and groups; and Shoreline Community College departments, teams, students and employees. For more information, see the complete SCC Facility Guidelines and Procedures.

  1. The College agrees to permit the Facility User to utilize the facilities belonging to the College indicated on the SCC Rental Contract. These facilities may be utilized by the Facility User on during time periods specified on the contract and reservation confirmation. College will provide Facility User a reservation confirmation upon booking. A rental contract will be signed by both parties and approved by the College Executive Director of Auxiliary and Logistical Services in advance of the event date(s) and/or rental period. The rental contract shall not be modified or amended except by written authorization approved by both parties.
  2. The Facility User agrees to indemnify the College against all liability, loss, cost, damage, or expense sustained or suffered by the College, including attorney's fees and other expenses of litigation resulting from, or arising in connection with, the utilization of facilities of the College by the Facility User. As a condition of the rental, the College may require proof of valid insurance in advance of event with Shoreline Community College named as additional insured. The Facility User will also agree to forever release the Shoreline Community College, its agents, employees and/or officers, and from all debts, claims, demands, and damages, actions and causes of action, whatsoever, which such Facility User may now have, or may hereafter have, as a result of using the college facilities.
  3. The Facility User recognizes that it has no license or right to utilize facilities belonging to the College other than the facilities indicated on the College Rental Agreement. The Facility User agrees, however, that if members, employees, agents, guests, licensees, of the Facility User use such campus facilities, the Facility User's promises and obligations under this Agreement shall nonetheless be fully applicable, and the Facility User will indemnify the College for losses, liabilities or damages resulting from such usage and be responsible for any additional expenses incurred.
  4. The Facility User acknowledges that it will be liable for any damages caused by its use of the facilities and agrees to pay the College for any damages incurred. The Facility User will be responsible to clean up any debris, and materials after the event, and leave the premises in proper order. Food and beverages will not be consumed in areas marked by the college, including but not limited to, classrooms, theater, gym, computer labs, conference rooms and study lounges in the PUB, music building labs and band rooms.
  5. To arrange for food and beverage service for outside rentals or internal campus events on campus, contact Lancer at (206) 546-6918. All catering, coffee service, concessions and other food/beverage requests will go through Lancer catering and will be invoiced directly to the Organization. All requests for special events catering on campus must be approved by Lancer personnel in advance, including requests for waivers.   
  6. Serving liquor on campus must be done in compliance with the Washington State Liquor Control Board and College permission forms, permits and/or special event licenses must be obtained prior to the event. Failure to obtain proper documentation may result in the cancellation of the event. More information and application forms are available in the SCC Facility Guidelines and Procedures document.
  7. Parking is available on a first-come, first serve basis throughout the campus in legally marked spaces. Parking permits for the main campus and Greenwood lot are required for day and evening events, weekends and legal holidays. Permits may be purchased at kiosks located throughout our campus parking lots. Temporary passes can be purchased in advance at a reduced price per day for visitors and rental groups upon request through the Facility Rental office. For complete campus parking rules and pricing information see the SCC Parking page.
  8. If the services of the King County Officers Guild, College's Security Office, Facilities, Media Technicians, Music and Theater Supervisors/Technicians, Building Monitors, or any other College personnel, are needed during the time of this agreement, the Facility User will pay the College for all costs incurred. Invoicing for facility rental fees and services provided by the College will be processed after the contract has been signed by the parties. If additional fees are charged by the College for services or facility usage during the event, the College will invoice the Facility User after the event date.Payment schedule: 50% of the rental upon signing of the contract followed by the balance paid in full by the event date.
  9. The Facility User and all event organizers will read and agree to abide by Shoreline Community College policies & regulations relating to facility usage as outlined in the SCC Facility Guidelines and Procedures document.