Placement Testing: Compass & ASSET

Compass Test:  $20

This is a required, computerized placement test for new students entering college for the first time or returning students who are changing careers. The test is untimed and assesses abilities in writing, reading, and mathematics. With this information, students and their advisors will be able to increase chances for success by selecting appropriate classes.


It's advisable to take all three parts at the same time, but one can take the test in segments if needed. The test is not timed, but generally takes 1-1/2 to 2 hours for all three segments.


You need to make an appointment for the Compass test, or call us at 206-546-4608.


Compass scores for most programs are valid for 2 years, but some programs require current scores so check with the program you are interested in to get accurate information. Placement (cut scores) can be found at this link to the Advising Center Web page.


Materials will be provided during the test (calculator, pencils). Students may take a break during the exam ONLY after completing a segment of the test. Students will be given their test results immediately after the exam  Keep a copy of your Compass test results and take it with you when you see an advisor.


If you have a BA or BS degree and are returning to college, it may not be necessary for you to take the Compass test. Fax your transcripts to Enrollment Services at 206-546-5835, then make an appointment with an advisor.  For advising appointments call 206-546-4559 or get information online at Student Advising.


Math: If you have questions about math in particular, please contact the Science Division at 206- 546-4567 and ask to speak with a math advisor.



The test may be taken twice per quarter but exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances. Retakes must be scheduled on a different day other than the day of the initial test. Retakes will be scheduled according to individual need, based on test scores and the amount of study time that may be needed to improve future test scores.


Compass Test Preparation Links

General Compass prep:






Algebra Learning Modules:

ASSET Test:  $20

This is a paper/pencil test that is similar to the Compass, and is provided by appointment only to those who are unable to take the Compass due to a disability.  It is timed and includes three 25 minute sections.  Results are provided shortly after the test is completed.


If you need special/alternate accommodation to take the ASSET test (such as extended time), please provide documentation of your disability to the Office of Special Services (OSS), 206-546-5832.  If approved, OSS will arrange accommodation with the Testing Center.


Sample practice ASSET test here.