2017 Spindrift Art Jury Show!

Vote for your favorites for selection in the 2017 journal!

When: Wed, Feb 22 and Thurs, Feb 23.

Where: Visual Arts Center lobby (2000 building)

Thank you Artists, Photographers, Writers, Musicians, Illustrators, Sculptors & Pottery Makers! 2017 art submisison deadline has passed...time to vote for your favorites!

  • Please visit Submissions for more details about how to submit your work.
  • Spindrift is staffed mainly from late November through publication and distribution around early June of each year. This means if you send your work outside of those dates, you will not get the speedy reply you might like. 
  • Spindrift 2017 will go to print sometime in April 2017. We hope to have copies in hand by late May 2017.
  • Anyone with work published in Spindrift will enjoy a complimentary copy of the journal.
  • Look for a notice announcing the Spindrift 2017 release party — once copies are ready!
  • Return of artwork from prior years — if you think we have your originals from prior year submissions, please contact us: We want to reunite you with your work! We are staffed now to help you.