How to Enroll

When do I enroll?

You may enroll your child any time the Center has space available; however, spaces typically become available at the start of a new quarter. Enrollment priority is given to SCC students, faculty, and staff, and to siblings of currently-enrolled children.

The Parent-Child Center holds open enrollment on the first Monday of: 

  • August (fall quarter)
  • December (winter quarter) 
  • March (spring quarter)
  • June (summer quarter). 

Enrollment begins at 9 a.m. on a first come, first served basis.  The center opens at 7 a.m., so early birds can put their name on a list (in order) and return at 9 a.m. You must be present at 9 a.m. to keep your place in line.

What is the process?

On open enrollment day you will need to complete a Payment Agreement form and a Requested Hours form.  You need to know the schedule you're requesting and your student ID number or SSN.  The non-refundable registration and emergency kit fees are due the day of open enrollment.  These forms and fees are required to hold your child's spot at the center. All other paperwork will be sent home with you to return at least one-week prior to your child's first day.

Please feel free to contact the Center at the end of the week prior to an open enrollment to get an idea of how many spaces will be available.