Great Discussions 2015


$35 to register for the series
(8 meetings).

The series is now full. Only "single session" attendance is available.

$5 to attend a single discussion

While not encouraged, it is possible to attend a single session with advanced approvalLearn more...


Credit for Shoreline Students

Students who participage may be able to receive college credit. Contact





Do we need to rethink U.S. foreign policy? Robert Reich identifies four myths of American culture, one of which he calls “The Mob at the Gate,” the idea that we see ourselves as “uniquely blessed but continually endangered by foreign menaces.” Reich argues that we need to rethink this and other myths about ourselves and the rest of the world.


What better way to (re)think about the world and America’s role than to share thoughts with friends and neighbors about some of the hottest foreign policy issues confronting the United States today.  Enrollment is limited, so hurry!


The series includes:


Upon registering, each participant will receive a book with eight briefing papers, one for each week, providing background information on each topic.  Each week we will follow the same format:

  • begin with a short video
  • hear comments from an invited guest
  • group discussion of the topic among all in attendance

Designed around the Great Decisions program produced by the Foreign Policy Association of New York, our program encourages discussion by meeting around a big table and limiting participation.