Differential Equations - Math 207

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Sect. 1.4: Approximation of Solutions to IVPs using Euler's Method  To apply Euler's Method using this applet, you need to enter the following:  

1) f(x,y):  From your differential equation  y' = f(x,y)   (See the notes on the site for help on entering f(x,y))

2) x0 and y0:  Initial Conditions

3) b: The x-value you want to end with

4) n: The number of intervals/steps

You need to select "Enter" and then clicking on "Run" will advance the approximation by each step until you reach b. 


Sect. 1.3/1.4: Direction Fields and Approximation of Solutions to IVPs using Euler's Method  This applet allows you to type in a differential equation of the form y' = f(x,y).  It will show the direction field for a particular window.  You can change the point that is the initial condition for the IVP by typing in a new point or simply dragging the given point.  The solutions are approximated by using Euler's method.  If you would like to see a "smoother" and more accurate solution, enter a smaller value for the step size h.





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