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June 2004
We went to San Pedro Yepocapa with Probigua, to deliver recycled paint, and to visit some schools supported by Probigua


San Pedro school assembly
Rigoberto's speech This is Rigoberto Zamora Charuc, general manager of Proyecto Bibliotecas Guatemala, the language school we attended.  He is making a speech in San Pedro, his home town.  We delivered recycled paint and visited Probigua-sponsored schools.   The recycled paint is donated by Portland Paint, in Portland, Oregon.
Literally all the school children in San Pedro listen to Rigoberto tell about environmental responsibility.  We heard many educators, and even street performers making a big deal about taking care of the environment, putting trash in proper containers, not throwing plastic bags in the street, etc.  It seems to be working, as this part of Central America is much cleaner than other cities and towns we have visited. All the children of San Pedro
Such beautiful Mayan girls So many beautiful children.  Most were well behaved and respectful, quite a surprise in this huge crowd. And they love having their pictures taken.
Rigoberto is being interviewed for the local news station. He is something of a celebrity, especially in the town where he grew up.  It helps that he won a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Award, and is great at generating funding for computer labs, libraries, and schools. Interview w/Rigoberto
The San Pedro school library This fabulous library is funded by Probigua.  Students in the Probigua language school donate books as their enrollment fee, one children's book per student. All the donated books then go out to schools in the surrounding pueblos.
Benjamin, Deanna, Gary, George and Lucas. Deanna is taking pictures of kids, and they love having their pictures taken, especially if they can see the digital photos .  

The Biblioteca Movil  (Bookmobile) is in the background

The Boys and Deanna LaMotte taking pictures
This is Deanna This precious child is named Deanna. She was so thrilled to have her picture taken, her friends had to hold her to keep her from jumping up and down.
A forth grade classroom in S an Pedro.  The teacher made a big deal about Betsey when she poked her head in; all the students applauded when he introduced her to the class.    4th grade classroom San Pedro
The Probigua Bookmobile The Probigua Bus. A  library on wheels to literally the whole central highlands.
George goofing with the girls. Actually, they didn't even know he was there. They were so taken with Betsey and her smile and her camera. George and  San Pedro girls
Luc and the San Pedro basketball team Lucas watching an impromptu basketball game.  This is a pretty nice school, thanks to the funding provided by Probigua.  Parents pay for uniforms, texts, and materials.  Probigua and Probigua sponsors pay for infrastructure.


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