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October 2003

We sailed from Half Moon Bay to Monterey, again in a dead fog.  We missed the entrance buoy on our first go, and picked our way to the channel entrance by a combination of chart and GPS readings.  At no time could we actually see anything much beyond Soul Catcher's bowsprit. It was a real test of our navigating skills and teamwork. George was at the helm, with Betsey watching the radar and  GPS while Luc was on the bow, watching for anything!  The Monterey Harbor Entrance
Monterey Harbor on the way out We were very lucky not to hit anything as we picked our way from marker to marker.  Actually, Lucas, who was up in the bow, swears we hit a sleeping sea lion, but we never saw that.
Even in bright sunshine, this is a narrow channel.  We're still not sure how we got ourselves  into the marina in the fog. We were so disoriented that we were halfway into  the slip (and having trouble maneuvering) before we realized we still had a reefed main up. Looking back at the entrance
Note the sea lions on the sailboat Once we got there, we found our old friends the sea lions had laid claim to a few sailboats.
This poor old boat is about to sink, leaving some sea lions homeless.  You really have to see this to believe it. We never got tired of watching these huge sea lions heave themselves onto the decks of (now) derelict boats.  We watched our own swim step very carefully, hoping no sea lions would decide to homestead on Soul Catcher..  Sea lions are protected in Monterey
From the Monterey Acquarium We spent a wonderful day at the famous Monterey Aquarium 
These are glass jellies by our own Dale Chihully Chihuly's jellies
Sea Nettles These are real jellies, totally beautiful and amazing
This is a massive school of sardines.   Schooling sardines
Schooling sardines Here's a close up.  There was a school of tuna, as well.  They were so beautiful we tried to swear off eating fish
This is a kelp forest.  Seeing it from the bottom changed our whole view of the ocean, which we generally only see from the top. Kelp Forest


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