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October 2003
We picked our way down the coast from San Francisco to Half-Moon Bay, searching for reef and channel markers in a dense fog.  I was trembling with fear by the time we found our way to the breakwater.   We tried anchoring, but were waved off by a cruiser in the bay.  He said the bay was fouled with mooring buoys, so we decided on the marina.  This is Half Moon Bay in the (big surprise) fog.  We loved this quiet marina after the hustle of Pier 39. Half Moon Bay in the fog

Surf's up at Half Moon Bay

Lucas tells this long involved story about how we made him walk the 4 miles into Half Moon Bay, and then made him walk the 4 miles back to the boat.  Actually, that's pretty much what happened.  George promised him a bus on the way back, but no busses ever materialized.

We walked along this stretch of beach...

...We walked past the magical Kayak and Yoga Studio at Half Moon Bay... The Kayak and Yoga Studio at Half Moon Bay
Cool Tree at Half Moon Bay ...walking... walking... walking...
We walked into town for the Half-Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival, the major event of the year in Half-Moon Bay.  Prize winning carving

The Pumpkin Festival at Half Moon Bay

Luc said, "you know, like a street fair, without the potheads"

The pumpkin carvings were the best we had ever seen.  It was well worth the 8-mile walk.


Leaving Half Moon Bay under sail, only a little seasick... Luc trying not to be seasick


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