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Squalls in the Tehuantepec

The Gulf of Tehuantepec

The Tehuantepec is famous for the huge gales that come up quickly and last for days, blowing two hundred miles out to sea.  Fortunately these storms are easy to predict and weather windows allow for safe crossings. This is a photo of one of the many morning squalls we dodged on the way across. 

Bahia del Sol, El Salvador

To get to Bahia del Sol, you have to cross a very scary river bar, which is only passable some of the time.   Once inside, in the river delta, it is very safe and secure.  Many of the boats in this photo are waiting out the rainy season (and the lightning storms) here.

The fleet in Bahia del Sol
Barillas Marina Club

Barillas Marina, El Salvador

Barillas is a beautiful place, quiet and serene.  It is about 9 miles up a river.  We called Barillas on the VHS when we arrived at the mouth of the river, and they sent a panga to guide us to the moorage

Antigua Guatemala

This view of Antigua is from Cerro La Cruca.  The city is small, only about 15 blocks square, and rich in art, culture, and friendly people. The volcano you see is Vulcan Agua; there are two more volcanoes that ring the city.

Antigua from the hill


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