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Sailboat Surfing Jeri on Cloud Nine took this photo while crossing the bar into Bahia del Sol.  

Colette and Murray, veteran cruisers,  were in a dinghy, talking boats over the bar.  The drill is you point your bow into the surf, and do what Colette tells you:  Go as fast as you can.

Even with someone talking us through it, it was scary as hell.  It just feels wrong, to point a sailboat into breaking swells.

When Soul Catcher went over the bar, she caught a breaking wave over her stern, and exploded the inflatable, which was stored on the dinghy davits.  We still haven't been able to replace our inflatable.

It looks pretty calm once you get inside.

Bahia del Sol
The Cruising Fleet at Bahia del Sol The cruising fleet at Bahia del Sol.  Many of our friends are here, including Ace, Amorita, Chipita, Cloud Nine, Crusader, In The Mood, Nueva Vida, Peregrinanta, Raven, Sera.

Please note Luc's careful alphabetical arrangement.

Our friends Dick and Pat on Crusader blew out their mainsail crossing the Tehuantepec. This mainsail is a scary sight, even in a flat calm anchorage. It made my heart beat faster just looking at it.  Imagine the wind it would take to do this kind of damage to a mainsail. Crusader's Mainsail
The Bahia del Sol Bar and Grill This is the fuel dock and the main restaurant at Bahia del Sol.  There is a hotel also. Bahia del Sol is very cruiser-friendly.  It is a short bus ride to a pretty good grocery store, a slightly longer drive to an internet cafe in a garage (complete with chickens wandering around under your feet)

The great grocery stores are an hour away, in Zacatecaluca (it took a few days to learn to say Zaca-teca-luca)

There's a great show every day in a cruising fleet.  This show is about Odessa trying to hose off her spinnaker.  The spinnaker got away somehow, and five or six dinghies hit the water to the rescue.  It was great fun to watch.  We weren't close enough to take good photos, but we were very entertained. Odessa and the Spinnaker
Perregrinata This is the lovely and graceful Peregrinata, going out to cross the bar.  Her owners, Sonja,  Scott,  Alexandra and Katrina, are experienced cruisers from British Columbia


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