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October 2003
Angel Island has this quality of light and water and eucalyptus that made us want to stay and stay.  At the same time, there’s this eerie-ness; there are ghosts.  


Angel Island was the site of the Immigration Station for Japanese and Chinese immigrants coming to  the United States. What Ellis Island was to the East Coast, Angel Island was to the West Coast.


Eucalyptus trees on Angel Island

Soul Catcher in Ayala Cove Soul Catcher looked so beautiful, resting at her mooring in Ayala Cove, she didn't mind the ghosts.

There may well be ghosts as the Immigration Station is in the next cove over, named China Cove


Betsey:  I know a lot about the Angel Island Immigration Station in China Cove, as it is part of the history I teach about in Multicultural Studies.  It was magical for me to be here, and see the Station, and to imagine the people whose stories I have come to know so well

  Immigration Station


The Immigration Station Memorial


From the Immigration Station, looking out toward the bell and China Cove
This is a close up of the bell at China Cove The Bell at China Cove
Fleet Week in SFBay We happened to be in San Francisco during Fleet Week; every boat in the city came out to see the air show.  It was quite an amazing sight from the top of Angel Island. That island that looks like a battleship is Alcatraz.


We walked the 5½ miles around, several times.  Angle Island has lots of military history: West Garrison, East Garrison, North Garrison.  And of course, the Immigration Station.

Angel Island captured our imagination...


Angel Island enchantment



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