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March 2004

Seafari and Soul Catcher Two Maple Leafs, Soul Catcher and Seafari, anchored in Zihuatanejo Harbor.  See the swell?  It made dinghy landings very exciting and often entertaining. 
Zihuatanejo is a major stop for cruisers. Its a small, friendly city with most of the services cruisers need. We stayed in and around the anchorages here for 3 weeks and got to know the area pretty well. La Casa Que Encanta
Brown Booby This Brown Booby was very persistent in attaining his  perch.  Notice his blue eyes and  lime green feet. Isn't he beautiful?
Father and son checking the anchor set, and showing off their genetic link.  Note that George is right-handed, Luc is left-handed (like his mother) The Genetic Link
The Genetic Link II And then they took a nap. 
This nap theme comes up a lot, in the afternoon heat. Look at the color of the water.  Siesta Time
Betsey and George going ashore  For some reason, a woman rowing freaked everyone out, cruisers and locals alike. But does that stop Betsey? 

George put in these cool oarlocks forward, so, for better balance with big guys in the dinghy. Landing a dinghy was especially challenging in Zihuat, but everyone figured it out eventually.  It's hot enough that getting wet is no big tragedy.  Good thing, too, 'cause we got wet a few times...

Ismael, the delivery guy, and his sons

This is how we got fuel, propane, Pacificos, water  and Betsey's daily dose of Coca Cola Light. We just call for Ismael on channel 16  vhf.


Ismael and Sons
Luc, Lili and Teresa Our friends Lili and Theresa are twin sisters and dentists who share a practice. We met them when George lost a crown. They did a fix and then we all got our teeth cleaned. We invited them out to the boat when they told us how their father used to sail small sailboats on the bay. They brought their 90 yr old father with them. Later we took them out for a day sail, it was too bad they succumbed to mal de mer
Papa Manuel is sharp and funny at 90 years young. Papa Manuel
Dr. Lili Lili was horrified that Betsey was the only woman on a boat with two males, and no female companionship.  She said Betsey was very very brave.
We took Lili and Theresa sailing in the bay, but they soon got seasick and took a nap.  This is Lili, stroking her sister's forehead Las Hermanas
The Drs and George Las Hermanas were very happy to get off the boat.
We were just about to leave Mexico, and we didn't have flags for any Central American countries.  So we bought some fabric, and borrowed some flags from our friends, and we made our own flags for El Salvador and Nicaragua.  Betsey sewed them and George did the drawing.   They look really good. Betsey is so proud
Zihuat Market The Zihuat Market, One of the nicer mercados in Mexico. 
George, Vic, and Linda in the Zihuat market. Hey, how come George isn't wearing his photograph shirt? Captains George, Vic and Linda
Mexican Shopping Bags These plastic bags are ubiquitous in Mexico and are just the thing for shopping in the mercado
We watched a team of workers build this road by hand. Every day.  All day.  In the heat.  In the rain.  Amazing.  Betsey watched in fascination until she embarrassed everyone. She had to be dragged away physically.  Road work in Zihuat
Audrey and Brad on the patio The newlyweds, Brad and Audrey, relaxing on the patio

This is Seafari, a Maple Leaf 54, very luxurious, very beautiful. 

This little alligator (croc?) saw George sitting on the dock at Ixtapa, cleaning anchor chain.  From Soul Catcher's stern, she made a hard right turn, straight for him.  George stood up very quickly.  We were told they can move very fast and we had seen this one up on another dock the previous day. So we were sure it could get to us.  It is very intimidating to see one of these crocs up close!  Croc eyeing George for lunch
Baby looking for a snack After George stood up, the baby looked around for something else to eat. 
She's just a baby, remember? Just a baby
Watch the tail Quite an impressive tail for a baby
Would you stick around if she was giving you the eye? Up close and personal with Baby


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