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February 2004

We sailed north from Manzanillo to Tenecatita, a favorite anchorage for cruisers in Mexico.

We had a bumpy, queasy ride north against wind and tide. Even the photos make me seasick...
Short choppy seas = seasickness
Queasy sunset but it was a fabulous sunset, even by Mexico standards.
A portion of the cruising community anchored happily in Tenecatita  The Cruising Fleet at Tenecatita
Betsey and Luc It's hard to believe that two adults and one 16 year old could be together 24/7, in often stressful and demanding situations, and get along so well.  
Luc thought these were ghost crab tracks.  We really have no idea what they are, but these tracks were everywhere, looking like exotic sandy ferns. Ghost Crabs?
Lynn, happy in Tenecatita This is my favorite all time photo of Lynn, and represents my memory of Tenecatita.  Happy birthday, dear friend.
Lynn and the Pelican, both looking quite content. Lynn and the Pelican
It has to be a guy thing Its a guy thing, I guess...a woman would never ever do this
The boyz on the Jungle Trip Luc and George onthe Jungle River Trip
George snoozing Lynn caught George sleepin'
  Tenecatita: True beach fantasy Tenecatita Beach


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