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You know the story:  Middle-aged couple gets bored with middle class life, chucks it all for adventure on the high seas.  To increase the drama, we  dragged our teenaged son along to do the heavy lifting. That's the short version.  This website is about the long version, because our family, friends, students and colleagues  asked that we report where and how we are as we voyage.

Soul Catcher in Chacala, Mexico

Where we are now:

Moored in our permanent live-aboard slip
at the end of the dock
at Gasworks Park Marina,
on the north side of Lake Union,
Seattle, WA.
Here's our view of downtown Seattle

We arrived back in Seattle in early August, 2005, two years after we left.  We are so pleased and grateful to be home; we have  fallen in love with Seattle all over again

Most of the photos are thumbnails, and labeled.  If you hold your cursor over the photo, you will see the label, and if you click on the photo, you will see a larger, clearer photo.  Click the Back button to return. Betsey wanted to wait to post the site until it was perfect, but students, friends and family members protested loudly.  So here it is, typos and all. We'll update as often as we have internet access, and we'll fix the errors you tell us about. 

Brown Booby on the bowsprit

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