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February 2004

We had long planned for Lynn Brewer to meet us in Mexico to celebrate her 50th and Luc's 16th birthday.  Lynn is a family friend of almost 30 years, and Luc's godmother.  She was there when Luc was born, and she has been there for each of his birthdays. She wasn't going to miss his 16th. Also, we had chartered a sailboat for her 30th and 40th birthdays, so a  50th birthday cruise was a no-brainer.  (You'll have to ask her about the strange sculpture in the photo). Lynn and her traveling companion
The Las Hadas Fairies We met Lynn at the Las Hadas resort near Manzanillo.  Las Hadas is most famous for being the site of the old movie '10' with Bo Derrick and Dudley Moore.  These are the beautiful Las Hadas Fairies.
We fell in love with Las Hadas, faded and crumbling as it is. Las Hadas Marina
The pool at Las Hadas The original fantasy pool, with islands, a rope bridge, a waterfall, etc.  Its about 4 feet deep everywhere, so people can swim or stand around and talk.
Manzanillo is a working class town, rambling and noisy.  We liked its colorful energy.  Manzanillo
Manzanillo Market This is the Manzanillo market from the second floor.
Our friend Laurie Lorence in San Diego told us to keep an eye out for Whirlaway, which is owned by her friend. We finally met them in Manzanillo. This is an amazing yacht, so well balanced and well designed that we didn't get how huge it is until we saw a crew member sitting on the boom.  He was miniscule in comparison. Whirlaway
Betsey's heartthrob George is about to go over the side to clean critters off Soul Catcher's bottom.  He is applying wax to his mustache so the face mask will seal properly.


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