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November  2003

We stopped in Long Beach to see an old friend, Kuoching Ngu.  

Kuoching was working as a special ed high school teacher in East LA.  We agreed to meet in Long Beach, and we had a few wonderful days to talk about teaching and kids and old times.

Kuoching and Betsey
Long Beach pelicans and loading cranes All my Long Beach pictures came out smoggy like this...

Pelicans and cranes

Long Beach Harbor has three or four man-made islands, with oil wells on them.  They try to disguise them with artsy panels around the perimeters, but they're...well...oil wells. Long Beach oil rig with palm trees
Containers in LA We were simply astonished at the sheer quantity of containers in LA/Long Beach Harbor.  We started wondering about who buys all this stuff.
What? Stop taking my picture! 

The camera really hates Betsey, and everyone has been trying to get a flattering photo of her...



The Gracious Queen Mary Look at the lines of this beautiful old ship, the gracious and lovely Queen Mary, moored in Long Beach Harbor.


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