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November 2003

The town of Avalon, on Catalina Island, west of Santa Barbara, has a unique way of mooring boats to get the maximum number of boats in the space.  A Harbor Master comes out in a little putt-putt boat and assigns you a buoy number.  You motor along the rows, locate your number.  Then you pick up the bow line on a float, and then the stern line, and tie them to your boat. Avalon Harbor
Soul Catcher in Avalon Harbor Here's another photo of the unique mooring arrangements. You can see Soul Catcher's brown mast, just down and to the right of center.
Avalon is a beautiful place.  It has a Mediterranean feel, and an illusion of warmth after the chill of the northern California coast.  The town of Avalon is one mile square, and is the quintessential resort community. The houses are tiny and sweet, and golf carts are the main source of transportation. Beautiful Avalon
It's called Spurge We loved the Wrigley Botanical Gardens, and tried hard to remember the names of the plants that were so unfamiliar to us. That lime green cactus is called Spurge.
The photographer was taking photos of tiles, but this cute guy with a great smile was hitting on her, so she took his picture also.  He's cute


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