Relationship Violence - Court Orders

Characteristics of the Different Court Orders

Protection Orders:

  • RCW 26.50
  • Mandatory arrest for violating restraint and exclusion provisions
  • Temporary or full orders issued in Superior or District Court (some municipal courts)
  • No criminal case is necessary
  • Can run for one year or permanently
  • Service must be verified
  • May exclude the respondent from certain locations

No Contact Order:

  • RCW 10.99 and 26.50
  • Mandatory Arrest
  • Issued in criminal domestic violence cases
  • Presumed to have been served pursuant to a criminal proceeding
  • Only valid in conjunction with the court case or upon sentencing
  • Victim can request that it be dismissed

Civil Restraining Orders:

  • RCW 26.09 and 26.10
  • Mandatory arrest if criminal legend appears
  • Usually drafted by Family Law Attorneys as part of a parenting plan or dissolution
  • Service must be verified
  • May be mutual orders (definition)

Anti-Harassment Order:

  • RCW 10.14.120
  • Not a mandatory arrest
  • Possible criminal charges or contempt of court depending on the order language
  • Not a DV order-can be obtained by anyone being alarmed, harassed or annoyed by another
  • Service must be verified


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