Degrees & Certificates

Fine Arts

An AFA (Associate of Fine Arts) degree is a two-year direct transfer degree with a strong preparation in visual art. It is designed to help you prepare to transfer with an art portfolio into a broad range of four-year art majors both in state and out-of-state. Because it is also a Washington State Direct Transfer degree, you know that at least 90 credits will be transferred to most colleges in Washington State and that it will satisfy most of your general education requirements in these colleges. 

Most art schools or art programs require a portfolio for acceptance or placement in your major. A portfolio is a selection of your best artwork demonstrating your strengths and the direction in which you are developing. In the AFA program we will help you to build the best portfolio you can. Even if you don’t plan to go on to a four-year college right away, going through the process of how to build a portfolio and understanding the requirements of the art world give you invaluable skills. 

We offer two AFA degrees. The AFA-S (Associate of Fine Arts - Studio Art) is a degree with a concentration in Foundation Studio Art, either 2-D studio art (drawing, painting, graphic design or photography) or 3-D studio art, (ceramics and sculpture). The AFA-P (Associate of Fine Arts - Photography) is a degree with a greater concentration on photography. Planning guides for specific areas of study are available for download below.

Transfer Degrees

Graduating students are featured in the Associate of Fine Arts periodical, Enfolio

Design/Digital Media - Visual Communications Technology

Our professional/technical degrees give you the training to place you directly in the creative, varied and rapidly changing workforce of visual communications. You will receive a comprehensive background and specialized study within the diverse areas of the industry. Entering students—who may begin any quarter—pursue an integrated program of foundation courses in art and design, computer graphics, visual communication media, business and communications. You can earn an Applied Associate in Arts and Sciences (AAAS) degree, a Certificate of Proficiency or a Certificate of Completion. Planning guides for specifc areas of study are available for download below.

AAAS degrees: 2-year professional technical degrees

Certificate of Proficiency: 1-year professional technical certificates

Gainful Employment Information

Gainful Employment Information

Short-term certificates (some as short as 10 weeks): to build upon, augment or upgrade skill sets