The following career options within Health Informatics and Information Management build upon or supplement each other. The curriculum plans are designed so that a student can enroll in more than one major if desired. Click on any of the following career options to obtain further information. 

Please consult with an HIIM Faculty Advisor prior to, or as soon as possible after you have received formal approval for entry into any of the three programs to assure that your curriculum plan allows you to finish your education at the earliest time.



The following are pre-requisite classes/skills needed prior to application to any HIIM program.

Human Biology (Anatomy and Physiology):

Students must have completed BIOL&170 Human Biology within the past 10 years with a grade of 2.0 or higher (no "P" or Pass grade). This course must have been taught within the Science / Biology department.


Students must have completed ENGL&101 - English Composition with a grade of 2.0 or higher (not just a "P" or Pass grade).


Students must have completed Math 098 Intermediate Algebra I or a higher level math with a grade of 2.0 or higher (not a "P" or Pass grade), or have placement results on Asset or Compass tests showing placement at Math 099 Intermediate Algebra II or higher.

Computer Applications:

Students must be computer literate, at least at the basic level. They must have keyboarding skills at a minimum of 30 words per minute, work within a PC Windows environment, do word processing with MS Word, be able to utilize Microsoft Office, send and receive e-mails with attachments, and basic internet skills.


If students have taken classes at other colleges or universities and wish to have them evaluated by HIIM program faculty advisors, to determine whether or not they will be considered equivalent to HIIM courses, contact a program faculty advisor directly via email on this may occur. 

It is advised not to send any transcripts to the Admissions Office as it is not the responsibility of the Program Director to obtain copies from the Admissions Office. During the application process, instructions will be given on how to submit transcripts. 

Please be aware that all of the following must be taken within ten years of entry into the HIIM program or they must be repeated:

  • Anatomy and Physiology (5 or more quarter credits, taught through a college/university Science / Biology division)
  • Medical Terminology (5 or more quarter credits, taught by a health professional)
  • Pharmacology (3 or more quarter credits, taught by a health professional)
  • Human Diseases (5 or more quarter credits, taught by a health professional).

There is a challenge exam available for HIIM 134 Medical Terminology for those individuals, including health care professionals, who believe they have equivalent knowledge and need not retake these courses again. Challenge exams at the college are $10 per credit, and if the individual passes the exam, he/she will have the course listed on his/her transcript as a credit course completed with a Pass grade.  Please contact HIIM Program Director for additional details if you believe you qualify.

Some currently practicing health care professionals, including nurses, may possibly have pharmacology and human diseases courses waived; this will be determined by the HIIM program faculty advisor after review of appropriate transcripts.

Bachelor's Degree Programs in Health Information Management:

There are a number of four-year degree programs in Health Information Management, both on-campus as well as online. For a complete list of accredited programs go to

The University of Washington in Seattle has a bachelor's and post-bachelor's degree program, on-campus, evenings. Go to Health Informatics and Health Information Management  for additional information. For more information contact Kathleen Peterson, Program Director,