Health Informatics and Information Management: Clinical Practice


HIIM 228 Medical Coding Practicum

This practicum is done with students coding approximately 100 real patient records from a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings. This course utilizes online patient records under the guidance of an HIIM instructor. This is a virtual practicum course where students do not go to individual sites to complete.


HIIM 234 Professional Practice Experience (Health Information Technology Students Only)

This clinical practicum is a total of 15 days (6.5 hours each) plus a one-hour seminar each week, normally completed Winter term. Sites offer practice in health information technology and include hospitals, long term care facilities, and other non-acute care sites such as clinics, home health agencies, etc. Students are eligible for placement in this practicum only if the student has received formal admission into the second year of the Health Information Technology Program. In addition, completion with a grade of 2.0 or higher of HIIM 173 Coding, HIIM 219 Health Care Statistics, HIIM 225 Computers in Health Care and HIIM 228 Medical Coding Practicum are required prior to placement into the Professional Practice Experience (PPE). The student must have taken, or be concurrently enrolled in HIIM 220 Quality Improvement in Health Care and HIIM 226 Alternative Care Records. Exceptions must be approved by the college's HIIM Programs Director. Normally HIIM 234 is completed Winter term of the second year of the program. If enough clinical sites are not available for placement during Winter term, students may be placed Spring term or later.


PPE General Policies

Attendance is required for all assigned hours. Absences must be made up according to written program policy. Prior to placement in HIT practicum sites, HIT students are required to write a resume, sign the Professional Standards Agreement, and obtain a physical examination including a TB test at their own expense. Students will be required to apply for, pay, and pass a criminal background check. Students who do not pass this evaluation may have difficulty finding clinical practice sites for their internships and might not be able to complete the HIT program. The Program Director will discuss procedures with students prior to placements at sites. Most sites require current immunizations and students will be required to provide information on their immunization status. Students will be assigned, when possible, to sites at their preferred geographic areas. However, due to the volume of students and limited number of sites, it is very probable that students may be required to travel to areas outside their preferred locations. Students are expected to provide their own transportation to and from clinical sites. Additional expenses related to parking or bus travel and appropriate professional work clothes should be anticipated.

HIIM faculty will take the lead in clinical practice site placements for students living in the Puget Sound area. Students living outside the Puget Sound area will be required to locate their own sites in coordination with the HIIM Program faculty. Please contact the HIIM Program Director for more information regarding these placements.