HIIM Announcements

The Commission on Accreditation of Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) accredits Shoreline's Health Information Technology program.  As part of the accreditation process, the school is required to post a meaningful statistic about the program. Below is a table providing statistics of the number of our students taking and passing the Registered Health Information Technology exam and comparing the percentage of those that passed to the percentage of the national average that passed.

Exam Year # Taking Exam # Passed % Pass % National Ave


25 20 80% 111%


35 33 94% 110%
2013-2014 21 18 86% 112%
2012-2013 24 24 100% 115%
2011-2012 27 26 93% 110%

HIIM 170 Legal Aspects of Healthcare has met the Quality Matters Standards

Shoreline Community College has been providing training to faculty in the Quality Matters (QM) program. QM is a leader in quality assurance for online education and has received national recognition for its approach for independent review and evaluation of courses. A team of faculty from other colleges or universities review a particular course, upon request, and compare the materials used in the class and its approach to student instruction with a list of rigorous national standards for fully online or hybrid classes. If they believe a course has met 85% or more of the standards, they recognize or certify the course.

Pointing at deskGloria Anderson's course, HIIM 170 Legal Aspects of Healthcare, has joined several other Shoreline courses in meeting the QM standards for online education. This is the second HIIM course that has been reviewed by QM evaluators and plans are underway to have other HIIM courses go through this process as well.

HIIM 134 Medical Terminology has met the Quality Matters Standards

The HIIM 134 Medical Terminology course has met the QM standards for online education. This is the first HIIM course that has been reviewed by QM evaluators and plans are underway to have other HIIM course go through this process as well.

Technology Keeps Bringing Us Closer and Closer

When Gloria Anderson wants to talk to her Health Information Technology students, she heads to the Coding Café, virtually.

"Grab a drink and sit down so we can chat," the Shoreline Community College instructor says each week via her computer to medical coding students that are spread across the U.S.  "Meet me at the Coding Café."

Technology is making it easier to deliver information anywhere and anytime. For schools like Shoreline Community College and instructors like Anderson, that means it is easier for students to access their coursework and complete degrees from wherever they can find an Internet connection. Read more... 

Opportunity Grants could help fund your education!

Opportunity Grants provide assistance with education costs to eligible low-income students who have not yet earned 45 college credits in the U.S.  For eligible students, this could mean a FREE education.

How to Order/Purchase Textbooks from the College Bookstore

Shoreline Community College works with University Bookstore to handle textbook services for the college.

Visit Shoreline Community College Bookstore to learn more of what services are available.

It is easy to view your textbooks online by choosing the quarter in which you will be taking courses and then select the general category of courses from the dropdown menus. Next, choose the class you will be taking and a list of texts should appear. If there is more than one instructor teaching, select your instructor.

For those students wishing to order their textbooks online, a shipping fee may occur. The bookstore is located in the bottom floor of the PUB (Pagoda Union Building). It is always advised that students purchase their textbooks prior to the start of class(es) to best prepare for the first day.

Criminal Background Checks for Health Information Technology Students

Health Information Technology students will be required to have a criminal background check, at their expense, prior to attending professional practice experience (PPE). Students who do not pass this check may have difficulty finding clinical practice sites for their internships and may possibly not be able to complete their program. The Program Director will discuss procedures with students prior to placements at sites. Please note, most health care facilities require all employees to successfully pass criminal background checks before they are hired.