• Amy Rovner  SCC Faculty Award for Accessible Curriculum (2015)
    Rovner teaches online Nutrition courses and is eLearning Instructional Designer.
  • Bruce Spitz: Leadership and Innovation in eLearning Award (2013-14)
    Spitz teaches Music courses.
  • Ann Garnsey-Harter:  Tegrity Faculty Champion Award (2012)
    Garnsey-Harter is the Executive Director of the Virtual Campus and Resource Development.
  • Judy Penn: Leadership & Innovation in eLearning Award (2010-11)
    Penn teaches online Biology courses.
  • Judy Penn:  SCC Exceptional Faculty Award (2012)
    Penn is one of Shoreline's Quality Matters reviewers and her course BIOL 150 is QM certified.
  • Betsey Barnett:  SCC Exceptional Faculty Award (2011)
    Barnett teaches fully online in the Equity and Social Justice program.
  • Gloria Anderson: SCC Exceptional Faculty Award (2010)
    Anderson teaches as part of the fully online Health Informatics & Information Management program.
  • Carla Hogan:  SCC Exceptional Faculty Award (2004)
    Hogan teaches as part of the online Accounting program.
  • Marcia Liaw:  SCC Exceptional Faculty Award (2003)
    Liaw teaches as part of the online Business Technology program.