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Associate in Arts Degrees - Direct Transfer Agreement

The Associate in Arts – Direct Transfer Agreement (AA—DTA), known as the direct transfer degree, is an agreement between Washington State community colleges and baccalaureate institutions. The credits earned in the AA-DTA transfer as a package to most baccalaureate colleges and universities in Washington, generally satisfying all of the lower division general education requirements and granting junior standing; it does not guarantee admission.

The AA-DTA can help prepare you for the following majors. Learn about degree requirements in the AA-DTA Degree Planning Guide. Then click the link below to read more about recommendations for preparing for each major.

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Associate in Business - Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program

The Associate in Business requires specific courses and prepares students for entrance into certain four-year schools. The degree will be shown on your transcript as a different type of completion than the general AA-DTA. Learn about degree requirements in the Associate in Business Degree Planning Guide.