Staff of The Writing & Learning Studio


One full-time English faculty member, Grace Rhodes, is the director of The Writing & Learning Studio.  Grace is also professor of the studio credit courses, ENGL 089 and ENGL 098 and the tutor education course, EDULA 199, and acts as the SCC campus coordinator for eTutoring.  Grace has a bachelor's degree from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, and a master's degree from Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington.  She began working at Shoreline in 1988 as the first director of the studio (formerly called the Reading/Writing Learning Center) and has been developing and directing the program ever since.

Learning Assistants

In addition to the director, the Studio has a staff of learning assistants.  During each hour the Studio is open, usually two or three learning assistants are working.  Learning assistants have a range of education and experience, the great majority having a bachelor's or a master's degree.  In addition to their individual educational backgrounds, all Studio assistants begin their employment here with an intensive eight-hour orientation to tutoring and participate in ongoing professional development activities throughout each quarter, and if they are SCC students, they must enroll in the tutor education course, EDULA 199, “Tutoring Writing & Learning: Theory & Practice.

All learning assistants are hourly employees with a current top wage of $12.20 per hour.  Each of them has written a brief statements about themselves, presented below in order of experience (from most to least Studio experience):


Hi!  I'm Eliza and I've been happy to be working here in the studio since fall 2012. It is fascinating to meet so many interesting people from so many different backgrounds!  I am a fourth-generation Washingtonian.  I have lived in Seattle for most of my life, although I did spend three months in a Taiwanese elementary school in fourth grade.  (I still remember how to say "Don't hit little sister!" in Mandarin.)  I went as far away as I could for college--all the way to Florida!  I loved the exotic birds and vegetation, the bizarre insects, and the tropical nights but returned home to our beautiful rain. 

Along with a B.A. in English Literature, I have a Bachelor or Fine Arts in Painting and a Master or Arts in Art History.  I have been an artist and illustrator, curator, art critic, and editor--and also a mom.  I had 15 minutes of fame in the 80's for a series of funny postcards about slugs, moss, the Emerald City, and other aspects of life in the Pacific Northwest.  In the 90's I ran a non-profit organization and edited its regional art magazine.  I also taught art history for several years, most recently at Seattle University.  Lately I am happy to be singing and writing music--and  tutoring at Shoreline Community College!


I came to The Writing & Learning Studio in the fall of 2012 after many years of writing and editing work.  I was a reporter for four daily newspapers, including the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and also wrote for two websites.  I was helped along the way by good examples, great leadership, and by people who provided good help.  My father sparked my interest in writing when he bought an antique portable typewriter and let me use it.  My fifth-grade teacher gave me time to write and circulate a small school newspaper.  Later I learned to appreciate reading and great literature in a large college survey class, where the professor added small discussion groups to help students analyze and better understand what they read.

In all this I followed a path that has lasted most of a lifetime, and along the way I learned the importance of teaching and mentoring.  I'm pleased to put that lesson into practice as I try to help others now.


I am thrilled to be a student at SCC, learning graphic design and Adobe software in the VCT (Visual Communication Technology) department, where my teachers and fellow students are awesome!  I love SCC best of all the colleges I have attended because it's so nurturing, inclusive, multi-cultural, and innovative.  I earned a B.A. in English & Comparative Literature at the University of California San Diego and enjoyed graduate work toward a master's in anthropology and later branched out, obtaining a license as a massage therapist (Brenneke School) and a Self-Help Teacher Certificate from Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inc. In addition I have explored jazz flute, African dance, Argentine tango, meditation techniques from all around the world, organic gardening, international cuisine, French, Spanish, and more.  Clearly, I love to learn.

I also love helping other people learn, and I relish meeting interesting characters from all around our strange and wondrous planet; working in the studio (since April 2013) provides me with continuous opportunities for that!


(Rita is currently available only for subbing.) 

Hi, everyone. I'm relatively new to the crew; I started in the studio in January 2014. Having just retired from teaching and being a high school librarian for over forty years, I thought I was finally ready for the "big time": community college. I have worked with elementary, middle and high school kids from LA to Brisbane, Queensland, and Seattle to Edmonds. Now I'm excited to work with college students at Shoreline.   My husband, a Seattle firefighter, and I were lucky to have two great kids, now married and in their own happy careers.

Reading and writing—living around words—are favorite experiences of mine. But I thrive on a bicycle, in a garden, and in new locations. Travel took me out of a little town in Iowa many years ago and brought me to the edge of this continent. More recently, I took students on trips to China, Vietnam, and Cambodia, and in March 2014 I trekked the Annapurna Mountains in Nepal and Bhutan with a group of six other adventurous women.


Nine additional learning assistants work in the Studio.  Their statements will be added later this quarter.