Staff of The Writing & Learning Studio


Grace Rhodes, a full-time English faculty member, was the director of The Writing & Learning Studio for 31 years, beginning her work at Shoreline in 1988.   Grace was  professor of the studio credit courses, ENGL 089 and ENGL 098 and the tutor education course, EDULA 199.  She retired in June 2019 and holds the rank of Professor Emeritus. 

For the summer 2019 quarter, Eliza Bryant, one of the Studio's learning assistants, will be the Studio's summer program coordinator, as she has been for the last four summers.  You can read more about Eliza in the "Learning Assistants" section below.

The college will hire a new person for the director position beginning this fall.

Learning Assistants

In addition to the director, the Studio has a staff of learning assistants.  During each hour the Studio is open, usually two or three learning assistants are working.  Learning assistants have a range of education and experience, the great majority having a bachelor's or a master's degree.  In addition to their individual educational backgrounds, all Studio assistants begin their employment here with an intensive eight-hour orientation to tutoring and participate in ongoing professional development activities throughout each quarter, and if they are SCC students, they must enroll in the tutor education course, EDULA 199, “Tutoring Writing & Learning: Theory & Practice.

All learning assistants are hourly employees with a current (July 1, 2019) top wage of $14.51 per hour.  Each of them has written a brief statement about themselves, presented below in order of experience (from most to least Studio experience):


I have been working in The Writing & Learning Studio since January 1995. In September 2016, I became the writing e-tutor for Shoreline Community College, and I continue to do that now as well as assisting in learning in The Writing & Learning Studio.

During my high school and college education at the University of Washington, I have always taken great pleasure in helping students with reading, writing and math.  The wide variety of elective classes I have taken enables me to assist with writing in different disciplines.  Since graduating from the U.W. in 1991 with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a minor in English, I have continued to thoroughly enjoy assisting students to build a strong foundation for education and improve skills for more extensive learning in the future.  Reading and writing can be fun as well as tremendously important life skills.

In my spare time, I enjoy working on writing fiction and non-fiction, reading, solving logic puzzles, and being with family and friends. I also like to listen to music.


Hi, I’m Eliza, and I’m very glad to be working here in the studio, meeting so many interesting people from so many different backgrounds. I have lived in Seattle for most of my life, although I did spend three months in a Taiwanese elementary school when I was 9, where I learned how difficult learning a very different language can be. When I was 18, I escaped the cloudy Washington skies for a B.A. in English Literature from New College in sunny Florida, but afterwards returned home to our beautiful rain and trained as an illustrator at The School of Visual Concepts.

In the 1980s, my husband and I started an illustration and design business and became locally famous for our series of funny postcards about life in the Pacific Northwest. However, I wanted more and returned to school for a B.F.A. in Painting from the University of Washington. I began writing about art for local, national, and international publications, eventually running and editing a regional non-profit art magazine in the ‘90s before returning to the U.W. for a M.A. in Art History. I became pregnant in graduate school, took time out to focus on my son, and then taught art history at several colleges and universities.

Between 2010 and 2015, I spent much of my time caring for my aging parents; I also began to tutor English and found a new passion. Currently, I am tutoring at North Seattle College and here at Shoreline Community College, where I also run the studio during the summer quarter and during the director’s absences.


I came to The Writing & Learning Studio after many years of writing and editing work. I was a reporter for four daily newspapers, including the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and also wrote for two websites. I still write for a blog and write freelance articles.

I was led to the work by good examples.  My father wrote on a old portable typewriter and let me borrow it. My fifth-grade teacher allowed me to produce a small school paper.  A college professor used small discussion groups to help students like me better understand the great literature we read. Newspaper editors taught me to conquer my fear and produce on deadline; I spent 44 years in that trade and was part of a P-I reporting team that one year was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize.

Writing is hard and scary, but joyously rewarding. Now I have an even greater privilege: helping others carry it on.


I am a poet, lyricist, musician, painter, & graphic designer (with a recent certificate from the SCC Visual Communicatons Department, & a B.A. in English & World Lit from the University of California, San Diego).  I have worked as a writing coach at SCC’s The Writing & Learning Studio (TWLS) part time since 2013.

 Here are two haiku poems expressing how I feel about my everyday adventures at TWLS:

 1) Half-Hour Sessions.

One-To-One Encounters:

Tango à Table.

 2) Here, the world entire:

Sans passports, airplane tickets,

We travel the globe.

 I was also 2017 Art & Layout Editor & 2018 Lit Editor for SCC’s nationally award winning Spindrift Art & Literature Journal.

 See more of my artwork, graphic design & writing on my website:


Hi! My name is Zoe, I’ve had the honor to be a part of the Writing and Learning Studio since 2015. I truly enjoy assisting passionate students in achieving their academic goals at Shoreline Community College. Through this experience, specially as a writer, I’ve learned that there is always room for personal growth when tutoring others in this subject.

I was born in Los Angeles, CA. At the age of five, my family moved to Zacatecas, MX. This gave me the wonderful opportunity to embrace the Mexican language and culture as my own. I speak Spanish fluently, and always find it exciting when Spanish-speaking students stop by the Writing Studio.

 My academic background has a bit of everything. When I was 19, I returned to Southern California and joined the U.S. Army. I served as a communications technician for six years, and was stationed mostly overseas. My love for Film and Literature began while being deployed to missions in the Middle East. During my free time, I would read philosophy books and gothic horror novels. A book I absolutely recommend is VAMPS, an anthology by Martin H. Greenberg. When I was discharged from the Army, I began my English/Film degree, with the goal to become a poet and a script writer.

 Throughout the years, I’ve worked in a few music videos and animations. In 2017, I published a poem for Spindrift, obtaining a CCHA national award. As I got older, my love for literature evolved into a love for art and artifact restoration. I’m currently studying French and working on my BA in Archeology at North Seattle College. Also, I’m still very active in the Seattle artist circles, mainly as a musician (another of my passions). Some of my favorite writers are Kerouac, Julio Cortazar, Camus, Baudelaire, and Patti Smith.

 I truly believe that in any form of expression, specially in writing, one must learn to be fearless.



Hello, my name is Lora.  I have worked at The Writing & Learning Studio since April 2016.  It is a continuous pleasure to assist hard-working students from many different cultures who are committed to their learning and education at Shoreline Community College.

Born on February 29th, (I only have a “real” birthday once every 4 years!) I grew up in San Francisco, and received a B.A. in Psychology from The University of California, Berkeley.  Research, teaching, and working in a library appealed to me, so it was on to graduate school for a Masters in Library Science at The University of Michigan.   I have worked in public libraries, prison libraries, law libraries, school libraries, and college and university libraries.  These libraries were in Michigan, Illinois, Brussels, Belgium, Minnesota, and Washington State.  My favorite part of being a librarian was teaching people of all ages how to find the resources they needed, so I returned to school and got a Post-Masters Certificate in teaching English as a second language. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching English grammar, writing, reading, listening and speaking to students from all over the world at The University of Washington.

Lifelong learning and education have been themes in my own life, and it is a pleasure to work with students and colleagues who share the same passion and excitement about learning new things.  My favorite hobbies are traveling, storytelling and reading.  Ask me about these things!


I started here Fall quarter 2016. I have enjoyed working with new students (as well as those I know already) everyday. The best part about working here is learning about YOU, your courses, foreign countries and their culture.  I am also an ESL instructor and teach an ESL/citizenship course for those who are applying to be US citizens. In addition I am an asylum attorney, and I help refugees seeking asylum for political or human rights reasons. In my free time I am a docent for the Holocaust Center for Humanity.


Hi! My name is Timm. I have been working in The Writing and Learning Studio at Shoreline Community College since October 2016. I get great satisfaction from working in TWLS because it gives me the opportunity to help the students of Shoreline Community College to improve their writing skills. This is my first job in education after completing my ESL (English as a Second Language) coursework at The School of Teaching English as a Second Language.

 I enjoy working in the Studio because it allows me to help students to improve their writing skills. Additional side benefits of working in TWLS include being engaged in the learning process and being exposed to new ideas as they are presented to me by the students’ writing assignments. Furthermore, I have gained an appreciation for the cultural exchange of ideas that this job has exposed me to while working with the students.


Hello, my name is Brandon Herzberg. I would like to begin by welcoming you to The Writing & Learning Studio. I have been a tutor here since the autumn of 2017. This experience has given me the opportunity to work with students and staff who are very intelligent and hard working. Each day that I tutor, I’m inspired to learn from this community and to share the knowledge that I’ve cultivated over the years.

I was born in Seattle, Washington in 1987, and I have many fond memories of this city. From an early age I took up an interest in music. I play the piano, guitar, bass, and drums. I also like to draw, and I find that writing is something that I use in relation to the art and music that I produce. In the spring of 2018 I graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in English Literature.

Thank you for taking the time to read my bio.  I wish you the best of luck in your academic journey. 

Tim R.

I graduated with a BA in English from Boston College. In search of a financially practical line of work, I got my Nursing degree at Massbay Community College. After forty years as a Registered Nurse, I retired in 2014. With a grandchild requiring a home school teacher, I returned to my English roots crafting weekly classes for some avid reading seventh-graders. My students and I read and discussed over twenty books and sampled fifty different poets within the confines of the school year.

 Moving to the next level, I am tutoring Shoreline students as I pursue a Master of Arts degree in English through Arizona State's online program. In addition to numerous academic papers, I also write for fun. One of my poems was featured in the 2018 edition of Shoreline's Spindrift.