Do you understand all your course reading assignments? Can you keep up with your instructors' lectures? Are you confident in your ability to write clearly and effectively? The Writing & Learning Studio staff can show you useful study strategies and work with you on reading and writing assignments from any course. Come in at any stage of writing--from planning your paper to drafting, revising, and editing. Our learning assistants won't correct your paper for you or tell you what to write, but they will engage you in thinking about your writing and expressing your thoughts clearly. Even students who already write well can benefit!


Tutoring in the TWLS is free and provided on a drop-in basis. Appointments are not available.


Workshops (not available summer quarter)

Our free Student Success Workshops, taught by SCC faculty and staff, are great opportunities for you to learn information and techniques that can help you study more effectively, produce better quality writing, get higher grades and succeed in school.

  • No registration is required--just show up on time!
  • Workshops last 50-55 minutes.
  • Contact Grace Rhodes, TWLS Director, if you have questions:
    • Phone: from on campus call ext. 4308 --- from off campus call 206.546.4101 ext.4308
    • e-mail:

Credit Courses (not available summer quarter)

The Studio offers three credit-bearing courses:

  • English 089 Learning Studio (plus parenthetical info)
  • English 098 Writing Studio
  • EDULA 199 Tutoring Writing & Learning: Theory & Practice

English 089 and English 098 are personalized lab courses open to both native and non-native English speakers.  (Non-native speakers must be at ESL Level 5 or higher to enroll for credit.)


In English 089 "Learning Studio," you can improve your ability to

  • read and remember textbook material
  • take good lecture notes
  • potentially increase your scores on tests
  • manage your time
  • identify main ideas, supporting details and patterns of organization in different kinds of writing
  • read critically
  • understand literature

In English 098 "Writing Studio," you can improve your ability to

  • plan papers
  • organize and revise your writing
  • develop ideas
  • analyze your sentence grammar
  • cite outside sources correctly
  • proofread your writing
  • use punctuation correctly
  • do many kinds of writing tasks

In EDULA 199 "Tutoring Writing & Learning: Theory & Practice," you learn how to work as a learning assistant in the studio. Both classroom learning and practical experience tutoring are part of the course. To register, you must have passed ENGL 101 with a 3.5 GPA or higher, have your ENGL 101 instructor's recommendation, and interview with Grace Rhodes, professor of EDULA 199.


Professional Assistance

Students can discuss their concerns about their reading, writing, and study skills with The Writing & Learning Studio director who can suggest resources and strategies for improvement in those areas. (Students who have or suspect they have a learning disability should first check with Student Support Programs, Room 5226. Their phone number is 206-546-4545.)


Class Visits

Faculty may invite the TWLS director, Grace Rhodes, to speak briefly to their classes about TWLS resources. This is an excellent way for students to find out about the studio and for instructors to encourage their using it. Instructors may email Grace at or call ext. 4308 from on campus.