Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use The Writing & Learning Studio (TWLS)?

All SCC students, staff, and faculty are welcome in the studio. Students with 4.0 GPAs use the studio regularly. Likewise, students struggling to keep up in their classes find the studio's personal assistance helpful for staying afloat in their studies. No matter whether you're planning to transfer to a four-year school, complete a certificate program, or just want to develop your writing skills, The Writing & Learning Studio's resources can help you reach your goals.


I'm in English 101. Why would I want to take ENGL 098? Isn't that a lower level class?

ENGL 098 is an individualized course design to support you at your own level. For example, many ENGL 101 students also take ENGL 098, so that they can get help with their 101 assignments and get ENGL 098 credit, too. You can also take ENGL 098 even if you're not in an English class to work on your composition skills, grammar, or other aspects of writing.

(Non-native English speakers must be in ESL Level 5 or higher to register for ENGL 089 or ENGL 098.)


Do I have to register for credit to use The Writing & Learning Studio?

No, registering for credit is not required. All of the studio's resources are available to non-credit students. (Students enrolled for studio credit have priority use of the studio's computers.)


What do learning assistants do?

Students can work with learning assistants on college reading strategies, study skills, speech projects, research papers, or other writing assignments from any class. Learning assistants enjoy working with students at any stage of writing (inventing, drafting, revising, editing). They can explain instructors' general expectations for academic writing and can help students understand their instructors' specific assignment directions. Like classroom teachers, learning assistants want to help students learn to think critically, so they'll often ask questions to probe students' thinking.  They focus on each student individually, working with each student at her/his own level. 


Learning assistants do not proofread student papers. Instead, they teach students how to analyze their writing and find more of their own errors, which often takes more than one session. They do not guarantee good or better grades, but as you work more on your writing, your instructors will probably notice, and you will be better prepared to communicate more effectively.


Learning assistants also work with students to help them develop more effective study strategies. For example, bring your textbook to the studio and we'll show you a method for reading and remembering its contents.  If English isn't your native language, our learning assistants could also be your conversation partners.  You can practice your speaking and listening skills in our friendly, supportive environment!


How can The Writing & Learning Studio help me?

The studio can not only improve your understanding of college writing requirements, it can also assist you in all stages of the writing process, from getting ideas, to drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading. In addition to help with essays, research papers, and other kinds of writing, the studio can provide assistance with effective study and reading strategies for courses across the curriculum.


Email Grace Rhodes with any questions or, better yet, stop by 4301 and have a firsthand look!

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