Studio Credit Courses

  • ENGL 089 Learning Studio
  • ENGL 098 Writing Studio
  • EDULA 199 Tutoring Writing & Learning: Theory and Practice


NOTE:  The studio's credit courses are not offered in summer quarter.


General Information about the Studio's Credit Courses

ENGL 089 and ENGL 098 are personalized lab courses open to both native and non-native English speakers.  (Non-native speakers must be at ESL Level 5 or higher to enroll for credit.)  The course numbers, 089 and 098, do not denote the course levels.  Students in 100- and 200-level courses can enroll in ENGL 089 and ENGL 098 and work on materials at their own level to further develop their reading, vocabulary, study, and/or writing skills. No homework is assigned in these courses.


In English 089 "Learning Studio," (see the syllabus) you can improve your ability to:

  • read and remember textbook material
  • take good lecture notes
  • potentially increase your scores on tests
  • manage your time


In English 098 "Writing Studio," (see the syllabus) you can improve your ability to:

  • plan papers
  • organize and revise your writing
  • develop ideas
  • analyze your sentence grammar
  • cite outside sources correctly
  • proofread your writing
  • use punctuation correctly
  • do many kinds of writing tasks


In EDULA 199 "Tutoring Writing & Learning: Theory and Practice" you learn how to work as a learning assistant in the studio. Both classroom learning and practical experience tutoring are part of the course. To enroll, you must first have an interview with Grace Rhodes, professor of EDULA 199, have passed ENGL 101 with a 3.5 GPA or higher, and have your ENGL 101 instructor's recommendation (if you completed ENGL 101 at SCC).