About The Writing & Learning Studio 


The Writing & Learning Studio offers instructional resources and tutorial assistance in a friendly, safe environment where students in all disciplines can be engaged in their own learning and writing processes.  Dedicated to student success, the studio is also committed to developing its staff's knowledge and skills so that they can effectively facilitate students' learning and reaching their goals. 


Students using TWLS resources will accomplish one or more of the following Learning Outcomes: 

  • develop personal strategies for writing
  • practice writing as a process
  • understand requirements for academic writing in the disciplines
  • identify and solve problems that interfere with their learning
  • become more aware of how they learn best
  • develop strategies for understanding and remembering textual material
  • cooperate in relating to and working with others
  • become more independent learners
  • increase self-confidence
  • prepare for their goal (transfer to a four-year college/university, complete a certificate, obtain employment, etc.)

The studio carries out its mission by providing these resources: 

  • Tutoring:  free, one-to-one assistance with writing for any course, understanding reading assignments, and developing useful study strategies, open to all students on a drop-in basis
  • Personalized English Lab Courses:  variable credit (1-3), continuous enrollment courses to improve writing, reading, and study skills
  • Instructional Materials & Handouts:  topics support writing and reading across the curriculum, study techniques, and the theory and practice of tutoring
  • Professional Consultation: help for students in identifying and  addressing academic problems/concerns related to success in school
  • Tutor Education Course: a three-credit course for learning how to tutor in a writing/learning center environment
  • Class Visits:  brief classroom visits by TWLS staff who can acquaint students with our resources