Wireless Printing Library Labs - Mac

To print from your laptop, you will need to download and install two files and then configure the printer in System Preferences. These instructions will work with OS X Mavericks and later. To find out what version of OS X you have, click the apple symbol in the upper right and choose "About this Mac."

Download Drivers

  1. Download the HP driver that allows your laptop to communicate with the HP printers on campus. 
  2. Download the Pharos PopUp Client, the printing system used on campus.
  3. Mount Popup.dmg which you can find in your downloads folder
  4. Drag to Applications or double click to install 

Configure Printers

  1. Open System Preferences (Top left “apple” on screen) and click on the Print & Fax icon
  2. Click the button under Printers
  3. Click on the Advanced icon in the toolbar.
    • If you do not see the Advanced button, hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and click anywhere on the toolbar.
      From the popup menu, select Customize Toolbar and drag the Advanced icon onto the bar.
  4. Configure the desired Printer using the screen shot (provided as example) and information below.
    • Type popup button, select Pharos Print Server
    • Device drop-down, Choose Another Device
    • URL, type the appropriate popup:// queue for desired printer

Black and White Printer Queues:

Color Printer Queues:

    • Name text box-- enter the name appropriate to Queue and Location

Library 1st Floor Black and White Printer
Library 2nd Floor Black and White Printer
Library 1st Floor Color Printer
Library 2nd Floor Color Printer

    • Location text box – enter 4000 Building
    • Use (Printer Driver to use)
      Black and White Printer Queues - HP Laserjet M604 M605 M606
      Color Printer Queues - HP Laserjet 500 Color M551

 5. Click Add

Uniprint Mac  

Now What?

Now that you have drivers for your device, read the instructions for printing to one of the network printers on campus: