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How to Print - Printer Set Up

How to use Internet Print Service in Library


Windows instructions


MAC OS X instructions


Linux instructions


Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7,

  1. Download and run the installer for the desired printer(s):
  2. Click "Install" on the dialog box.install
  3. When complete click "Finish"
  4. When you print to the printer you will be asked to create a username.
    (Optional) You may create a password in order to protect the document from being printed by someone other than you.
  5. To print your document from the Pharos Release Station:
    • Swipe your Student ID card and type your PIN.
    • Select the job you submitted and click the Print button.
    • If you created a password for the job type the password.



Though the Pharos Popup client is not available for Linux, you can still print to a the Uniprint printers in the Library Reference Area and 4102 Computer Lab. These instructions are based on Ubuntu 13.10. Given the variety of distributions of Linux the steps may be different for your distribution.

  1. Navigate to Printers and choose Add.
  2. In the New Printer dialog select Enter URI under Devices.
    For the device URI, type: lpd://

    New Printer Dialog
  3. Under Choose Driver highlight Select printer from database, select HP under Makes
    Printer Manufacturer
  4. Under Models select LaserJet p4015dn
    Printer Model
  5. Select the Duplexer option to enable two-sided printing.
  6. (Optional) Enter the printer name, description, and location:
    • SCC-Library-Printers

    • SCC Library HP LaserJet Printers

    • 4200 Reference Area and 4102 Computer Lab

    Printer Name, Description, Location



Printer Details:

Library & 4102 Computer Lab Monochrome printers

Name SCC Library Printers
URL popup://
Location Library Reference Area & 4102 Computer Lab
Print Using HP LaserJet P4010 Series
Configuration settings Collation in Printer: No
Tray 3: 500-Sheet Input Tray
Duplex Unit: check

Library & 4102 Computer Lab Color printers

Name SCC Library Color Printers
URL popup://
Location Library Reference Area & 4102 Computer Lab
Print Using HP LaserJet 500 color M551