Computer Lab Rules

APPROVED BY THE SCC Student Parliament on 04/19/2010

Effective Immediately



Access to current technologies for all students is such an important fundamental right that the students of Shoreline Community College instituted a self-tax (fee) in 1999 (Student Technology Fee) in order to fund this computer lab (and other labs and technology on this campus). Please respect the significant contribution that previous, current, and future students have made to your education by observing the rules and etiquette guidelines provided below:

  • Computers are available for student use on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Lab is only to be used for academic purposes (assigned coursework) or academic research prior to 2:00pm, or when lab is full.
  • Playing GAMES is permitted only after 2:00pm, if seating is available and lab is not full.
  • Absolutely NO food is permitted in the lab.
  • Drinks are permitted only in metal or plastic spill proof containers OR twist-on cap bottles only. (CAPS MUST BE KEPT ON)
  • Children are not permitted in the lab.
  • Please respect your fellow students and keep your noise to an absolute minimum.
  • Cell phones must be on "Silent Mode". No outgoing calls are permitted. Conversations must be taken out of the lab.
  • Computer abuse/misuse WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Individuals found abusing computing facilities may be subject to immediate suspension of computing privileges. Examples of misuse/abuse are, but not limited to:
    • Illegal copying of copyrighting software, music or videos
    • Unauthorized installation or removal of software or files
    • Tampering with system configuration
    • The unauthorized connection or disconnection of any computer or device to any network outlet, cable or device other than those that are specifically designated as a student or public network access points (Public "hardwired" ports are available on the 2nd level)
    • Bypassing or attempting to circumvent security or software metering measures
    • Computer fraud, bullying, or harassment
    • Use of computer or network resources for commercial purposes
    • Activities that unnecessarily use network bandwidth or storage
    • Establishing servers, file sharing services or peer-to-peer file sharing applications
    • Installation or use of unauthorized network or telecommunications devices, including but not limited to computers, wireless access devices, switches, routers, transceivers, media converters, modems, or telephones
    • Installation or use of unauthorized network diagnostic, monitoring or eavesdropping equipment, software or tools including but not limited to, packet capturing software or devices, cable analyzers, traffic generators or network management tools or software

Violation of the above rules and etiquette guidelines will result in disciplinary action or termination of privileges as detailed in:

  • 5030 Student Conduct and Discipline (WAC 132G-120-010 to -140)

These rules and etiquette guidelines may be amended by a majority vote of the SCC Student Parliament.


Contact: SCC Student Parliament Minister of Records
Phone: 206-546-4541