ESL Placement Test

ESL Placement Test Update

Due to COVID-19, all of our ESL classes are currently being held remotely (online).

If you are interested in taking the ESL placement test, please submit an online application.

The placement test is designed to determine your English literacy level and consists of four parts: grammar, writing, reading, and listening. It takes approximately three and a half hours to complete and it is FREE of cost.

After Taking the Test

  1. About one week after taking the test, you will receive your test results by mail.
  2. You will be assigned to a level based on your test results.
  3. Your name will be placed on a waiting list.
  4. As soon as space is available for you (after current students register) you will be notified by mail.

Normally we do not have long waiting lists and new students can register without a problem. However, we may not have space in the scheduled time that you need.